Are You Using Protection?

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                          Are You Protecting Your Cell Phone?

     If you are like most of us we need to keep updating our technology periodically. but that is not a small investment in these days. No matter which way you go whether Samsung, Apple, LG, ZTC, HTC, Alcatel, Motorola, Google, Coolpad or Defiant, the costs have skyrocketed.Zizo Wireless Coupon Code



    Company Name:     Zizo Wireless
    Business Management:

    Mr. Rajesh Batta, President                                                                                                  Mr. Rocky Batta, Chief Marketing Officer

    Price Range:   (Depends on what Brand your cell phone make.)

    $7- $59.99

    Ranking: 93 % out of 100% 
    1. Slick design
    2. All buttons work perfectly and easy to access.
    3. Excellent grip
    4. Very Attractive
    5. Large selection
    1. iPhone case must be removed to charge ( I found this to be true in every case I have purchased for this phone, not just Zizo case)
    2. All phone case does not come with screen protectors, read carefully.

    So after spending a substantial amount on our phones and due to the fact that phone insurance always has a high deductible and only covers certain replacement of parts,(rarely the screen) what is the best protection for our phones?

    Some time back a friend of mine was kind enough to lend me a phone case from a company called ZiZo and it made all the difference. No longer worried about dropping my phone made me feel safer after investing considerable assists for an intricate part of my online business! That phone is long gone and I wasn’t smart enough to get a Zizo case for my next phone.

    Just last month my Samsung Galaxy S6 was broken.

    A sad day indeed, but as we always do we move on and accept what we cannot change. So off I went to get another phone ASAP, I decided on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and immediately went to Vizo to get the protection I should have been using all along.

      You would hope that that is where the story ends, but NO.

    So after the phone incident, the unthinkable occurs, AGAIN. Now my Samsung Pro Tablet it the issue. I have had a full year in 2017 and was truly hoping that I could say goodbye to 2017 and start fresh with 2018.

                  Not looking to good so far you might say…LOL

    My tablet and phone had a renovation project that is necessary for the launch of my next website. Months of images and video’s documenting each step of the transformation of my home (foyer and kitchen) held captive by these necessary “Evil Technology Mongers”

    What Is The First and Most Important Lesson I Learned From All Of This? 


                                                 Backup your information! 

    Sounds Like A No Brainer, Right? Well, it should be. But I got caught up in too many projects at once and to make matters more complex my husband, the 2 dogs and I stayed residing in our home while it was during these upgrades. Construction projects have a life of their own. You can make all the plans in the world, but the fact of the matter is that the project dictates what you will do next.

    Since you can get an External Harddrive for as little as $50 on Amazon nowadays, so whether you’re running out of space on your laptop hard drive, or you want to back up your photos and videos, portable storage has never been cheaper! Just click the link here to get yours now!

    I am not making excuses I paid dearly for this Basic Lack of Daily Preservation!!

    Cell Phone Accessories

    Working for yourself means that you need to be attached to some kind of technology at all times. Especially in the beginning when you are literally running the company alone! There are times my family and friends have walked into my office and found me in front of my All-in-one desktop, with my tablet to the left of me and my laptop to the right, Lord do you know what I mean? All this while talking on my headset, with of course my cell phone somewhere in the mix.

    If working for yourself sounds like a great idea, please head over and read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life and it can change yours!

                                         Sounds Hectic, Right?
    Accidents happen no matter where you are or How careful we are!

    So off I went to order my husband a case for his iPhone 6s and one for my new Galaxy s8. We each went to Zizo and choose the perfect phone case for our needs. Now we excitedly waited to see our new cell phone protection!

    It had been an expensive month already and just after the Holidays, so I decided upon the Free standard shipping. The website stated that it would 5-7 business days. I ordered on a Saturday and received our cases within 5 business days.

    Packaging was easy to open and assembly took only a minute and most of that was cleaning the screen before attaching the face protector.

    Both ordered and researched our own case.  My husband was disappointed upon opening to find that his case did not come with a screen protector. Be sure to read what is included in your particular case. I went and checked the site and it clearly was not included and it was our mistake, so we will head back to Zizo and add a screen protector for the iPhone.

                               Disaster loomed everywhere!

    My cell case and screen protector were just what I was looking for. My Samsung Galaxy s8 is very thin and has a curved side which makes it slippery. I was constantly hitting buttons by mistake and it is so smooth that it would slide off of everything.

                            At last a solution for both phone!    

    I did worry about the possibility of the case might be bulky, military testing and all. But no, they have a slick design with a sure grip! 

    Their customer service is very quick to respond to emails and make everything extremely clear and courteous!

                                                  A pleasure to deal with!
    Company Name:     Zizo Wireless
    Business Management:

    Mr. Rajesh Batta, President                                                                                                  Mr. Rocky Batta, Chief Marketing Officer

    Price Range:   (Depends on what Brand your cell phone make.)

    $7- $59.99

    Ranking: 93 % out of 100% 

    The Verdict’s In!

    I found the whole process very simple and received exactly what I ordered within the time Zizo stated. I highly recommend both cases that we purchased and will be going back to purchase more of these sturdy and eye appealing cases as gifts!

    The price is right also!

    Zizo has a large selection and I did not feel that anything was overpriced, just the opposite. The cases range from $7 to $59.99, with a wide variety between $15 to 25.

    Zizo has a wide selection of cases and accessories that will appeal to almost anyone.
      So Click The Link Below And Get The Protection You Need Today

                     Click Here And Get 10% Off Today!

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      24 thoughts on “Are You Using Protection?”

      1. I can not count the times that my cell phone protector have said me from a very expensive repair bill. From falling out of my pocket to droppinig it accidentally from the top of a ladder to my poor phone landing in a puddle of water. A small investment upfront sure saved me a ton of money in the long run

        1. Cheers, Terry

          So true, just some for thought and we truly would save ourselves so much grief!

          I was just about to upgrade, but I wanted to donate my Samsung s6 to Cancer patients who are in need. It is a very important cause to me.
          I will still try to have it repaired when money allows, but I really wish it had not taken something like this to make me do the right thing and Get ProtectionFor My Cell!

          My son in law drops his cell phone into diesel fuel at least 3 times a year, Yes I bought him the waterproof military case! Will let you know if it holds up to diesel!

          Thanks for visiting!

          Gloria Darni

      2. Interesting article. I dropped my iphone last year and it cost be $100.00 to get fixed. I, then, bought a big bulky case for it which is protective, but somewhat annoying. I’m going to check out the cases from ZiZo. I’ve never heard of it so thanks for the tip.

        1. Hi Holly,

          Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

          I cannot believe how much I love my phone case. It really will save me money, I surely would have broken this new phone also.
          My case was only $15 and it looks fantastic!

          Protect your phone!


      3. This was a wonderful site full of information, I loved the parts about having the computer, tablet and phone right there with you I do this all the time. Funny how they all ping one after the other. My office is loading with notes and my technology sitting next to me.
        After buying several phones in a row for two of my boys, I started putting protection on all of them. If you take it off you buy your own are my words.
        This is a great “SEE What I Mean”. Thank You for reinforcing my thought process. I loved the review.

        1. Hey, Dusty

          Thanks for sharing your story about your boys. I know my daughter has replaced my Grandsons phone and screen, way too many times!

          Life is full of lessons and at the cost of cell phones with insurance, it really only makes sense to spend a little more on protecting our devices.I am glad that you are realistic about what can happen, it is important to teach the next generation value!

          Thanks for stopping by my site,

          Wear Protection!

          Gloria Darni

      4. Wow! This information is definitely helpful. I drop my phone all the time and having a case on it has saved my phone so many times! I am actually looking for a new case currently as mine is cracked so maybe I will check out Zizo cases. Thanks for the recommendation!

        1. Hi, Erin

          I am glad that you found the information helpful. It is important to have something valuable to share with my readers!

          You are not alone when it comes to hin sight being 20-20. We always see clearly after the fact, no more. I made a commitment to be responsible for the protection of my cell phone. No more waste!

          So glad to hear from you!

          Are you wearing protection?

          Gloria Darni

      5. A very informative article. I enjoyed reading it 🙂 I love the Samsung 8+ case they have. My mom and I both need to get the wallet one. Plus it comes in Pink or Purple! Woohoo!

        1. Hey, Eden

          So you and your Mom are like my daughter and myself, we hate to just take one.

          It is nice to find a place to that we trust, and I trust Zizo!

          Both I and my daughter, are not fans of bags!

          Secure cell Protection and it they offer Colorful and practicability,

          Thanks for stopping in!

          Gloria Darni

      6. I have never heard of ZIZO, but when I upgrade in about 5 months, I am definitely going to check it out for my new I phone 8 that I will be getting, don’t exactly know which one yet though. Great review and very informative, thanks for the info.

        1. Hello, Bobbi

          Thanks for your comment, it is great to hear from you!

          I am very glad that you are already planning to keep your phone safe, wish I had that plan!

          They have a large selection of cases and accessories to choose from and you months to plan, I know you will find what you need at Zizo!

          Have a great week and thanks again!

          Gloria Darni

        1. Hi, Maurice

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!

          I cannot stress enough how important it is to backup your information. I still need to go and transfer all my contacts and files onto my new phone.
          What a hassle.

          Glad you have a plan of action.

          Thanks again,

          Gloria Darni

        1. Cheers, Mercy

          Thanks for commenting on my blog, I really do appreciate it!

          I am glad that you got some valuable information to take with you! We all need a plan to protect such expensive items in our life!

          Have a great week ahead and thanks again,

          Gloria Darni

      7. You are so right! We need protection! That is our mobile phones do!

        So many times I have had my phones dropped (yes, I have butter fingers). No matter how careful I am, somehow one day they will fall and there will be costly damage.

        I have looked for good and reliable protectors. Thanks to you, now I know of Zizo. Guess which protector I am going to buy next? 🙂

        Once again, thanks! 🙂

        1. Hello, Timotheus

          Well said!

          Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and leave such a great comment!

          Love the butterfingers comment, it is so true! That is why with some for-thought we can save us time and money!

          Both my husband and I are very happy that our phones are protected. Zizo was the right choice!

          Thanks again and have a great week!

          Gloria Darni

      8. Gloria you have given me a lot to think about and I definitely should be looking into better protection for my mobile devices.

        Thanks for sharing your story. It has inspired be to buy a Zizo case.

        1. Hi, Vince

          Thanks for your feedback!

          I wish I had found Zizo before, but we always see things clearer after the devastation occurs! LOL

          Glad to hear that you took some good information away with you.

          Thanks for stopping by,

          Gloria Darni

      9. Wow! That was string of bad luck for you and your devices. Zizo case sounds like a simple, inexpensive solution. I’ll consider it for my phone as well. Thanks.

        1. Hello, Beverly

          I am very glad to hear from you!

          Luck is what we make and I found Zizo at the right time!So I feel blessed in that manner, the rest was difficult during the Holiday season!

          The selection of cases and accessories is outstanding! I usually have the style case that you can carry your credit cards and such since I do not carry a bag.

          No matter what your preference, Zizo has what you are looking for!

          Happy Shopping and have a great week,

          Gloria Darni

      10. Hey Golria,

        My kids dropped My IPhone 8 couple of times and I really got mad but lucky its doesn’t damage anything. Thank you for sharing your protection case and I am heading to get one.

        Best regards

        1. Hi Shui,

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

          It is very true that we all need to be aware of fragile our cell phones can be. The truth is, there is never a good time to be without a phone.
          But what was even worst, is that I had no contact information either! That was very difficult during the Holidays.

          I know you will find the right case and it is so great that they are Military tested!

          Happy Shopping!

          Gloria Darni

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