Do you need help adding twitter followers?

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    We all look to drive traffic to our websites, without a strong presence in Social Media platforms you will find it very difficult. It has been proven that  Twitter is one of the most important tools to use for many reasons. Some of most important reasons are the core to any successful business, establishing relationships with influences and potential brand advocates! With that said, Why do we need to grow a larger audience? Undoubtedly, without an audience we have no one to share our information with.  It does take time, but it is worth the efforts in the long run!

    Although Twitter provides a variety of networking opportunities, marketers struggle with the time it takes to grow a list of followers organically. If you feel like you are running into a brick wall every time you notice the number of followers, compared to the time you put in, then it is most likely time to make some changes. We want to grow our Twitter accounts organically, when we pay for a Twitter following there is not way to tell if the followers will convert to leads or if they are even active accounts or worse, spammers. The best course of action is to grow your account with genuine followers by engaging with them, and then they share your information, we must do this Organically!

    Growing your business is just one of the many uses Twitter is used for, it is also a great learning tool. How often do can you speak directly with other fellow members, or even leaders of your industry?

                                                                        Start with your profile

    This is where people look at to you to learn what you are all about. You want to get them interested enough to all the way through to your website, offer, click the link etc… You have something you want them to see, so make it worth their time!




    One thing is true for us all, we all want to grow twitter followers!


        Reciprocation is the key, Retweet, Retweet and then do it again!                                                         

    When you receive a notification that someone is following you, click on there profile, if it is a fit—Follow them back. This is one of the most commonly used tactics used by the most dominate people on Twitter. This process lets you interact with celebrities on Twitter by re-tweeting and or commenting  about them in your posts. This may lead to the celebrity re-tweeting or mentioning you, another way to build and be seen by followers. Twitter suggests that you follow users based on areas of interest or activities you enjoy and perform on your Twitter account.

    The easiest way to interact is to go to their twitter profile and retweet the last tweet in their feed or one that you would like to see in your feed.(usually the one they want you to see or retweet). Sounds like a monkey could do it, you say? It is simply, but necessary to building a following and a potential customer. After all, don’t we all want our tweets to be Re-Tweeted?

                                           Now that is what call engaging!

    So now you are establishing a relationship with your follower and you becoming more then just a number in their followers column. By sharing a followers content or tweet you are adding information to own timeline and entertaining your current followers. Now they reciprocate, most people who are Twitter savvy will always return the favor and re-tweet one of your Tweets!

    Be sure to ask questions in your Tweets, it will increase your chance for engagement quintessentially. Also offering exclusive discounts, 94% of Twitter users follow based on product discounts and promos.


                                  Make your content relevant and sharable!

    Relevant contents makes you appear as an expert. What better way to obtain followers organically then if people think they can obtain the knowledge they are seeking, from You? No matter what people are researching they want a person who is an expert in that field, even if it their expertize is dogs barking.

    Use the WordPress Twitter widget !

    Now that we are on the subject of relevant content, it needs to be sharable. Make sure to add your social media buttons for all major channels in you post (article) for ease of sharing. Sociable plugin is one that     comes highly recommended.


    Here is an instructional video on installing Social widgets to your WordPress website.                                 Click Image for video

    Here are just some of the Sociable definitions:


    a) Inclined to seek or enjoy companionship
    b) Marked by or conducive to friendliness or pleasant social relations
    c) Willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.

         Facts from Twitter about the type of content and the amount of engagement that it generates:

    Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
    Videos get a 28% boost
    Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets
    Including a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets


                               Be sure to add visuals to your Tweets.


    Eye appeal is like curb appeal, if your Tweet does not draw your eye to notice it no one will read the tweet.


                                                     Get rid of the dead weight

    Anyone that is not following you back you need to unfollow. There are many of tools that will help you with that, one such tool that I use is, and once you have unfollowed enough people Twitter will let you start following again. ManageFlitter is also a great tool for timing your Tweets to be sent when you are busy with other tasks.

    ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter .

    • Sort your followers/following lists by a range of criteria
    • Find new people to follow with our comprehensive search facility
    • Find out when most of your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately with our PowerPost feature
    • Answer “Who unfollowed me on Twitter”?
    • Track who unfollowed you
    • Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts
    • Track keyword mentions on Twitter with our Analytics feature (coming soon)
    • And much more!

                                   Promote your Twitter account on other channels.

    Talk up Twitter at your website, blog and through email. We need to  include our Twitter handles—with clickable links—next to all of our bios. We also include links to our Twitter handles from all appropriate blog posts.

    You will also need to leverage your social media outposts.
    Likewise, include links (and calls to action) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube any platforms that you have Social Media accounts.

         Follower experts in your industry.

    Following the right people is a sure way of getting noticed especially when you start a dialogue or reply to them.                               @richardbranson

    What better way to learn but from the leaders in you industry or niche, you have the chance to learn tactics that could take years to learn otherwise.

    Starting a dialogue with the right people is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed! Again, I ask you how else would you      get the chance to communicate with CEO’s and other top members if your industry.                                                                              Click image to pre-order book

    Following experts and other leaders in your fields get you put to the top of the followers list and you will get your Twitter profile some extra exposure for some time.

    Dialogue with celebrities and experts gives you creditability for your Twitter presence.

    Soon before you know it, you yourself; will have the knowledge      people are looking to learn. Then you start start helping others with your expertise. What is it they say, “Knowledge is Power” and know you have it!

    Share it and what you followers grow!

    So in conclusion….

    Engagement and maintenance, maintenance and engagement, it’s the name of the game! Might seem repetitive, but once you start to have conversations about your passions it stops being work and starts being fun.

    So I think we all know there are many ways to grow your Twitter following, but are they all equal? I think not!

    Here are some of the most effective tips to get more Twitters followers that I have uncovered are..

    1)  Start the ball rolling (Follow others)
    2)  Unfollow those who do not reciprocate, or who have become inactive on Twitter (I spoke earlier about Manage Flitter )
    3)  Post helpful and fun content on a daily basis
    4)  Engage with as many people as possible( keep conversations going)

    This process is like any other, it will get easier the longer you do it. Apply the tactics in the article above and your Twitter account is sure to grow!

    I hope you found this blog interesting and I would love to hear from you!

    By the way,

    For those who aren’t familiar with my blog, it’s Gloria Darni again!  While learning to run an online business I have realized that we all hit the same walls at one point or another! I have been learning steadily for over 10 years and feel that I learn something new everyday!

    My excitement for working online has lead me down many different roads, some bumpier than others. All of these experiences lead me to Wealthy Affiliate, where I know live my passion while I learn and then earn!
    For more information about creating a Free website with step by step instructions,

    Don’t let Fear control you anymore! 
        Start learning today         

    If you have any questions about anything that I have discussed, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile here.


    Don’t forget to be sociable at the bottom of my page!


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      5 thoughts on “Do you need help adding twitter followers?”

      1. Great to know! I am really new to twitter and don’t really understand it or the point. Thanks for clearing things up for me. Also, thank you for the video on how to install widgets. I also like the idea of having manage filter to help me build a decent following. With a new website, I am wishing I would have participated sooner in social media and developed a strong presence. How long did it take you to build a following on Twitter?

        1. Hi Tiffany,

          It is great to hear that you got some useful information from the blog!

          I appreciate videos myself, they really help reinforce the information after I read it. Manage Flitter does have some functions that are free, you really should check them out. I could not live without the unfollow section!

          I have several Twitter accounts and maintain several accounts for other businesses. With that said, I joined in 2010 and had no clue where to begin. After a couple of years or more, I realized the importance of Social Media accounts if I was to reach my goals. I currently have over 70,000 followers in these several accounts and use the tips that I shared in this blog daily!

          So don’t be discouraged, just start now and before you know it you will be a pro!

          Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help to help!

          Great Success is around the corner,

          Gloria Darni

      2. I think retweet might just work and I already know influencers in my niche but which tweets should I retweet? Do you have any suggestion for me?

      3. Hi Furkan,

        Great to hear from you!

        Rule of thumb for re-tweets is go into the persons tweet section and re-tweet the last tweet that they have tweeted out. But any tweet will be appreciated as long as it is from their own account.

        Thanks for stopping by my blog,

        Happy Twitting!

        Gloria Darni

      4. I have certainly noticed a huge bit of traffic coming to my website thanks to using the social media platforms.

        It’s an excellent way to show your face more often and connect with the people who are going to be reading your content. Who doesn’t like a more hands on author?

        Twitter is by far one of the easiest social platforms to use.

        My advice in addition to all the of splendid bits you’ve given above it to create schedule and stick to it. It may take some getting used to but it will pay off tremendously. I post 3 x’s daily to all four of the platforms that I’m using.

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