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    Law Depot Review                                                 

    Name: LawDepot


    When you create a document, you may choose from 3 different licensing options:

    1. Free Trial: Free access to all documents for one week. $33 per month thereafter. No commitment – cancel online at any time.
    2. Basic: $7.50-$35 per document, depending on the document. Provides full access to a single document for 14 days from the date of purchase.
    3. One Year Pro: $95.88 Create and print as many documents as you need for a full year.

    Founder: Ken Sawyer

    Overall Rank: 98% out of 100%
     LawDepot, Product Overview

    LawDepot has been around since 2001 and is the leading publisher of do-it-yourself legal documents. Customers can enjoy over a 100 customizable documents from estate planning, real estate, family, finance, and business. Legal documents are developed by our in-house team of lawyers who ensure they are up to date and adhere to the legal requirements within their jurisdictions. LawDepot offers legal documents to 4 countries; US, Canada, UK and Australia.

    LawDepot lets you easily customize legal documents.

    More than 2 million people have used LawDepot to create over 4 million legal documents and save over a billion dollars in legal fees. Whether you are interested in protecting your estate, managing a rental property, setting up a business, or any other situation requiring legal forms, LawDepot’s extensive library of documents and legal resources are able to assist you with your legal needs.

    Free legal documents with LawDepot

    LawDepot’s team of lawyers have worked hard to develop our extensive library of quality legal forms and resources. With our free trial subscription, you will have unlimited access to all of LawDepot’s documents which can be customized, downloaded, and printed in 5-10 minutes with no strings attached.

    The Good & the Bad

    The Good:

     # 1– Free printable or downloadable documents for 7 days!

    # 2– Online chat, email and telephone assistance if you have questions.

    # 3– Forms are very easy to write, save and download.

    The Negatives:

     #1– There is a credit card needed for the 7 day trail, which to be honest always makes me nervous. I have had many bad experiences when companies say something is free and then ask me for my credit card information.

    “I had NO issue with the cancellation of this service”                      

      But I did remember to cancel on time! I have read many of the online reviews and if there were any complaints it had to do with these types of issue’s. So please keep track of when you started you Free trail so that you remember to cancel or a charge will appear on your statement.

     #2 -Not sure that I really can call this “Bad or Con” but it is the only thing I came across that got me stumped sometimes. But as I said I have no legal background.

    As I stated most of the  questions are yes or no, multiple choice and some need descriptions. At the right hand side of the page there is FAQ section that if you hoover your mouse over you get a description  of the questions meaning. Having no background in legal I did need to ask questions several times to LawDepots support team for clarification. ( Which was always a great experience).

    Who is PRODUCT LawDepot For?

    Researching LawDepot I found that the ease of use made it for anyone!

    I have recommended it to many diversified groups and individuals. Just recently a local club was having a fund raisers and it included a motorcycle ride through the mountains for a local sheriff who had died in the line of duty, they needed a basic Release/Waiver Agreement which took minutes to build and print. This impressed the members and  supports at the meeting and all vowed to use this service themselves!

    I have had the pleasure of using LawDepot for many different documents such as Living will, Letter of Intent, LLC and rental agreement. I have no legal training or background at all and thought it would be very difficult to achieve these types of contracts through a fill in the box online service, but LawDepot was easy and professional .

    LawDepots Tools & Training:

    Law Library

    LawDepot’s Law Library, where they have compiled a collection of legal articles, resources, and guides to help you to get the information that you need, when you need it. Whether you have questions about real estate, estate planning, finance, business, or family, they are here to help.

    Just select the category you have questions about and enjoy free access to hundreds of lawyer-reviewed FAQs, legal definitions, and interactive checklists.

    Legal Dictionary

    LawDepot’s Legal Dictionary, where you can explore lawyer-reviewed legal terms and definitions in real estate, estate, finance, business, and more. Find the word that you are looking for by searching it, or by browsing in the alphabetical list.


     Have questions about one of their contracts? Explore Frequently Asked Questions about real estate, business, estate, financial, and family documents from customers just like you.

    Each document has s series of questions with yes or no answers along with multiply choice and descriptive . On the right side of the page there is a section where you can research the question to insure you understand the choices and explains what the answer entails. If you are still not clear with after using the above mentioned tools there is also Chat, email and telephone services available for more in-depth answers and explanations.

    LawDepot Support

    I have had the occasional to  call, email and chat with the customer service associates and all we extremely informed on all areas of the law and company policies. The customer service staff is outstanding and well informed on all subjects.

     My Final Examination of 

    As I started my own online company I encountered many different invisible walls, some had legal aspects to them. But one thing is for sure in both my personal and professional life I was needing legal documents more and more.

    Each time I searched for pricing on several different types of legal documentation (ie. Living Will, Incorporation, Rental agreement and many others) the cost was staggering! I began looking for a reasonable priced companies to complete my Legal Documents, Forms and Contracts for less.

    I expected to be lead to many scamsters and cons and they are certainly many of those out there. But then I very quickly found what I needed and came highly rated online and they were in fact Free!! 

    I already had done some research in the library, legal dictionary and FAQ section on what I should expect the questions would entail for the documents I needed to prepare. So I quickly took advantage of the Free 7 day trail. I couldn’t believe how easy they made it for me!

    I would totally recommend LawDepot to anyone who is need of Documents, forms or legal agreements!


                                                                    Free Legal Documents,                                        
    Forms and Contracts



    FOUNDED:  2001 

    FOUNDER & CEO:  Ken Sawyer

     Pricing Levels:

    Free Trial: Free access to all documents for one week. $33 per month thereafter. No commitment – cancel online at any time.

    Basic: $7.50-$35 per document, depending on the document. Provides full access to a single document for 14 days from the date of purchase.

    One Year Pro: $95.88 Create and print as many documents as you need for a full year.

    Overall Scam Rank: 98% of 100%

            “I would totally recommend LawDepot to anyone who is need of Documents, forms or legal agreements”!

    Bye the way, for those who aren’t familiar with me it’s Gloria again!

    While learning to run an online business I have realized that we all hit the same walls at one point or another! I have been learning steadily for over 10 years and feel that I learn something new everyday!

    My excitement for working online has lead me down many different roads, some bumpier than others. All of these experiences lead me to Wealthy Affiliate, where I know live my passion while I learn and then earn! For my examination of Wealthy Affiliate, here is my review for you get the information you need!

    For more information about creating a Free website with step by step instructions, please follow this link  4 STEPS TO CREATING AN ONLINE BUSINESS!

    Great Success awaits you, thanks for stopping bye my blog!

    I need to hear your thoughts and question below!!!!
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      2 thoughts on “Free easy legal forms in minutes!”

      1. Hi Gloria,
        That’s for the overview of Law Depot. Definitely something I will look into if ever I need a legal documents. I’m looking so build a business and I’m expecting to use some legal docs here and there. It sounds pretty straight forward and it’s encouraging that they have a good support team.

        1. Good morning Jon,

          Thanks for taking your time to comment, I truly appreciate it.

          The ease of use and support are outstanding! I was amazed that I was able to use them for free in the beginning.
          Now I use them as needed for the one at time document fee! I am very glad to have there legal library to reference when
          researching for my blog.

          If you need to build a website for you’re new business please read my review for WA
          Let me know if I can help in any other way. I wish you great success in your future endeavors.


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