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    Keyword Research helps you find out what your customers are looking for and how competitive the search environment is so that you can effectively allocate resources and effort.


    More Terms, More Traffic

    Keyword research turns up terms used by more potential customers than you are likely to be reaching.

    Understanding the Value of a Keyword

    Creating keywords does not consist of merely guessing which words that might be successful for a website. Recognizing the actual value of a keyword requires considerable knowledge about a website, developing hypotheses, testing, and repeating to make sure the keyword(s) are applicable. As a first step, here are a few questions to keep in mind when figuring out the value of a keyword:

    1. Is the keyword relevant to your website and content?
    2. Will online users find what they intended to look for when using the keyword(s)?
    3. Will users be satisfied with what they find using the keywords?
    4. Will this traffic results and accomplish the goals you intended to reach?

    If the answer is YES to all of the questions above, it is time to find the keyword(s) in leading search engines.

    Align keywords with business goals

    • Think holistically about how customers could reach you.

    Why: Your keywords should reflect all of the different types of user queries that could help someone find you when they’re looking for something you offer.

    • Align your keywords and their management with your overall business goals. 

    Why: Different keywords have different purposes, and they should be held accountable to the goal that most aligns with their purpose.

    • Analyze your keyword list and delete low search volume keywords.

    Why: Reduce clutter. If keywords aren’t going to drive any traffic for you, there’s no need to keep them around.

    If you are interested in more training on Keyword Research and prefer video instead of reading  just hit the link below and we will walk you through the process step by step!

    Well that is a great introduction to Keyword Research, there will be more to come, talk with you soon!

    Bye the way, for those who aren’t familiar with me it’s Gloria Darni again!

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    For more information about creating a Free website with step by step instructions, please follow this link  4 STEPS TO CREATING AN ONLINE BUSINESS!

    Please let me know your thoughts or leave any questions you might have below in our comments box, I really look forward to hearing from you!
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