Before You Buy A Laptop, Read This Yoga 710 15 2 in 1 Computer Review

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    In 2013 the new 2 in 1 computers hit the market for the first season.

    These laptops twist, fold, stand or lay flat. This amazing machine converts from computer to a tablet, but only one device.




    • Slick thin features
    • Excellent battery
    • Discrete 3D graphics
    • Includes fingerprint reader when you use Windows Hello
    • Versatile performance
    • Ease of use and very comfortable keyboard
    • Attractive display
    • Long lasting battery life
    • Easy to convert


    • Bulky for a convertible
    • Adapter necessary for micro HDMI port
    • No USB-C ports.
    • Keyboard lacks full-size right Shift key
    • Difficult to open
    • No manual volume adjustment on the exterior

    Overall Rating: 94% out of 100%





    History of Lenovo

    Lenovo was founded in Beijing in November 1984 as Legend and was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988. Lenovo acquired IBM‘s personal computer business in 2005 and agreed to acquire its Intel-based server business in 2014. Lenovo entered the smartphone market in 2012 and as of 2014 was the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China. In January 2014, Lenovo agreed to acquire the mobile phone handset maker Motorola Mobility from Google, and in October 2014 the deal was finalized.

      The Lenovo Yoga 710 with 15 inches screen has a strong performance, a long-lasting battery, with the eye-catching display, is a versatile laptop all at an affordable price.

      If you are looking for an affordable two-in-one with premium trappings, look no more. Lenovo is offering just that with their Yoga 710. The 15-inch screen introduces Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake CPUs swaggering performance gains, along with the extended battery life. Then you add in the dedicated graphics, alluring display, and responsive keyboard and you have a well-rounded machine. The Yoga 710 offers a 360-degree display hinge that allows the laptop to transform itself into a clamshell or tablet mode in one motion.
      •                         Do You Want More Flexibility?

    So now that people are tapping, twisting, flipping and detaching their computers to fit their lifestyle, needs, and pleasures we will have more affordable selections becoming available. Lenovo boosts four different ways to use their Yoga 710, Laptop, Stand, Tent, or Tablet. They credit the 710’s unique hinge and touchscreen allow the screen to flip 360 degrees, which gives you the freedom to use it anywhere you choose, no matter where you are working.

        •                 Lenovo Yoga 710 Build and Design

    Measuring 14.13 x 9.57 x 0.71-inches and weighing 4.2 pounds the offers solid portability for a 15.6-inch two-in-one. The Yoga 710 matches the HP Spectre x360 15t and is lighter than the 4.6 pound Dell Inspiron 15 7000. While the Yoga 710 is comparatively light for a clamshell laptop it’s worth noting that the device can feel a bit cumbersome as a tablet.

    The old school tower and desktop with monitor PC quickly evolved in the All-in-one computer which has all of its components built into the back of the screen, thus eliminating wires, all while saving space. But we wanted more…..

    In 2013 the new 2 in 1 computers hit the market for the first season. These laptops twist, fold or detach from the keyboard and convert into a tablet joining the 2 to make one device.

    Lenovo Yoga 710 (15″)

    Processor Name: Intel Core i5-7200U
    Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz
    Operating System: Windows 10
    RAM: 8 GB
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 940MX
    Storage Capacity (as Tested): 256 GB
    Screen Size: 15.6 inches
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Weight: 4.19 lbs
    Screen Type: Widescreen
    2nd Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 940MX
    2nd Graphics Memory: 2048
    Storage Type: SSD

    Yoga 710 Heat, Noise, and Sound

    So because this device uses less power consumption, it’s no surprise that the Lenovo Yoga 710 runs on the cool side and is as quiet as a mouse, it’s a rare occasion do I hear any noticeable operation noise at all. On the hand, with Yoga 710 you will get virtual surround sound from your PC speakers, enhancing your conversation, music and more. The Dolby Audio intensifies a broad variety of sounds, all while maximizing the volume of your PC, imagine no distortion thanks to the Dolby Audio!

    Here you can choose which model is best for your needs

    Click the link below and SHOP NOW!!

    Lenovo Yoga 710 15 – 15.6″ FHD Touch – Core i7-6500U up to 3.1Ghz – 16GB – 256GB SSD


    Price: $1,239.00 FREE Shipping




    Price: $785.00 FREE Shipping
     So my final opinion of the Lenovo Yoga 710 15 in screen Two in One Laptop is outstanding! Love the sleek design and comfort of the keyboard makes using the  Yoga a pleasure! I was new to the Windows 10 but fell in Love quickly. I have several ways to work in my home, All in one Acer computer desktop style, Samsung Galaxy Pro Tablet 10 “, Samsung Galaxy 6s phone and now I have added the Yoga 710 15” to the line up of communications equipment to my arsenal! I was a little nervous in the beginning due to the fact that I had Never heard of Lenovo, but my doubts dissipated quickly, The Yoga 710’s ease of use is truly a perfect match for any user.

    Lenovo Yoga 710 15 in screen: 94% out of 100%

    Price: Starts at $676  and increases based on needs.

    Shop Lenovo Now Click here!

    Please tell me your thoughts or ask any question you have below!

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      12 thoughts on “Before You Buy A Laptop, Read This Yoga 710 15 2 in 1 Computer Review”

      1. Hi Gloria.
        I love these 2, 3 and 4 in 1 laptops and Lenovo probably make the best ones.
        I am seriously considering one of these models for my next laptop purchase. I have researched one of these models before and essentially you still get the great quality of IBM.
        Thanks for making the information so clear and concise.
        Love the slickness of your site too.
        All the best,

        1. Hello Fermin,

          Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog!

          I love the versatility of these transformable machines, they fit into both work and playtime perfectly!
          Most people don’t know that Lenovo purchased IBM some time ago and I think it would help make people feel more confident about purchasing this computer brand when they know the history!

          Glad you enjoyed the information and let me say I am very Happy that I made the Lenovo choice!

          Best Regards,

          Gloria Darni

      2. Hello Gloria! Laptops that can turn into tablets are sooo nice. You can lay on your bed with your laptop on top of you and then watch a movie. I absolutely love it that way. Flexibility is what I look for in all my electronics these days and this sounds like an interesting option. Thank you for sharing this in depth review.

        1. Hi Alex,

          I am glad that you found the information interesting and useful.

          Versatility is the key to our lives now, we need the option to work or play wherever we are!
          It was the best purchase I made with technology wise this year! Not sure if I would use the 3D, but who knows!

          Thanks for taking the time to talk,

          Life is what we make it!


      3. Hi first of all id like to thank you alot for this huge information, to be honest i don’t have a big knowledge about new technology, i wanted a laptop but i really didnt know where to start, your article is very helpful with many details, so thank you again and I hope to keep in contact with your site

        1. Hey Steph,

          Great to hear from you!

          I am glad to share any knowledge that I gather to save someone else time! This is what the Yoga does, saves time and space. I love that it accommodates me, I don’t need to sit
          in a designated area or space, it moves and bends for my needs all the while with a great sound quality and slick design!

          Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

          See ya soon,


      4. This post is very informative. I will be purchasing a laptop in the near future and this definitely helped me out. I wasn’t even considering a lenovo, but now I think I will. Thanks for the info!

        1. Great to hear from you, Kayla.

          Truth is I has never heard of Lenovo before I started my research for a new Laptop.
          I took a chance and am glad that I did.
          My Yoga is still new to me (3 months) and I learn some fun new feature every day.

          The ease of keyboard somehow makes typing fun. (I don’t like to type)

          I am thrilled that you enjoyed the blog,


      5. Hi Gloria, I was not aware that Lenovo had upgraded its laptop line. The Lenovo 2 in 1 seems
        the perfect answer in having a laptop that is light weight, sleek and has all the bells and whistles.

        The webcam and SSD card is what wold interest me the most. Thanks for sharing a very informative
        article. This is definitely on my wish list.

        1. Hi Phildora,

          It is great to hear from you!

          The Lenovo’s versatility speaks to our busy lifestyle these days, I know I am always on the run and at times I end up working in some pretty unusual places.

          When writing on many different topics, I never know when inspiration will hit me, and when it does, I need to be prepared with technology that can adjust to my current situation.

          The Yoga 710 really has been a great asset for my online businesses. The webcam and Surround sound makes it a pleasure when filming videos, it records with crisp clarity.

          Thanks for stopping by my blog,

          See ya soon!


      6. Hi Gloria, I still have an older style laptop it gets the job done but its bulky, heavy and outdated.

        This new style of laptop would be a good one for me to buy sometime soon. I like the lightweight design and flexibility. It would be nice to have the extended battery time too.

        1. Hi Eric,

          Thanks for stopping by my blog!

          Technology changes so quickly now, it is hard to keep up!

          I say buy what provides you more time to do other things!

          I love that I can film outstanding video’s and have such great sound quality without having to edit everything and all in one place.
          The hassle-free conversion makes switching from Laptop to Tablet a breeze.

          Please let me know if I can help when you are ready to upgrade,

          Happy Thanksgiving,


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