Need to Find Your Business or Personal Passion? (Build an business online)

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    Have you dreamed of living your life with no one telling you what to do?

    Have you wanted to do something that you will truly enjoy, but let fear hold you back?

    Do you feel alone?

    You are not!

    I think we all have been there!

    Deep inside something is pulling you in a certain direction, but many times life prevents us from moving forward!

    We’re scared, worried, and most of all, overwhelmed.

    “Living your dream” takes courage! There will be many obstacles in front of you, fear and uncertainty are just some!   This are not a negatives, they are positives, this means you are headed in the right direction! Get afraid and excited, this makes life worth living.

                                       What is Passion ?



    Passion a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything!

    We all have passion for many things in our lives,  we can harness what we are passionate about and direct it for our future. But it will not be safe or comfortable, it will take time and determination! Enjoying what you do is exciting, I assure you of that.

                      Should You Find Your Passion?


    When you allow yourself to discover and follow your passion, the life around you will change and blossom.

    Controlling every detail in your life is exhausting because we really have no control over the world and we never did, no matter what we think!

    So you think finding your passion will make life easier? It will, but it will also make if harder. The reality is your choice, your effort and your determination!

                                Is it worth it?

    It took several years and many tumbles to get here, but I am Never turning back. I did not stop working for others, I simply started working towards something for myself!

     I get paid to do what I love!

    Do you want to do what you want, from anywhere, when you want to?

    Today is the day to start!

                  3 Pillars to Finding Your Profitable Passion

    Finding your passion is tough. When you try to find a profitable passion, it becomes even harder.

    Almost everyone has money issues. What I mean is that we view money negatively, and when you bring that into the passion equation, everything breaks down.

    This is not an article about dealing with your beliefs about money, but it is something you should pay attention to on this path. There are three main pillars I work with when I help people find their profitable passion.

    1. Excitement

    The first one is excitement.

    • What do you feel excited about doing?
    • What do you feel passionate about?

    Don’t try to over analyze or think too much about the future. No one can predict the future. There’s no use in trying to control it.

    Focus on what your feelings are telling you, and go from there.

    2. Skills

    The next step is to look at your skills. What are you good at or always taken an interest in?

    Think outside the box. If you’ve worked in an office as a assistant for 10 years, you may think you have no skills.

    But think about what you were really good at in your personal life as well as business.

    • Are you interested in health and fitness?
    • Do you enjoy photography?


    Then dive deeper into those. There’s so much for you to discover, if you just let yourself play with this. If you’re currently in school or just out of college, look at your life experiences. What have been the common themes?

    3. Demand

    And finally, in order to create a profitable business around your passion, there has to be demand.

    Look at what’s already out there. If you’re into productivity, there are a lot of things you could do. You could help businesses become more productive.

    You could help regular people simplify their life. It all depends on where excitement, skill and demand intersect. And remember, if you don’t have any skills, get some.

    Leave the excuses behind.

    The Mistake People Make

    Right about now most of my clients get overwhelmed.

    They feel like they could never do this.

    The reason they feel overwhelmed is because they’re trying to figure it out. Stop doing that. Let the future be uncertain. The only thing you have to do is take the next step, which is to figure out what you’re excited about.

    If you don’t know, then it doesn’t matter what you do. Figuring out what you don’t want to do is as useful as figuring out what you want to do!

                                            Follow the excitement.  
                                             Follow your heart.
                                       And remember to breathe.
                                      This is not an easy journey.

    Quick Fix’s Don’t exist, stop looking for one!

    No sense in trying to force clarity. Let life unfold in whatever way it does.

     I’ve always wanted to make things happen now, but it seems the universe doesn’t quite bend to my will, yet. I’ve had to adapt. I’ve had to learn to be more open. To accept how things are. And deal with them.

    If you’re just starting out on this journey, let the struggle be okay. Embrace your fears, worries and all the wanting to figure things out.

                        What Now?

                               You’ll never get it perfect.

             And you’ll never get rid of the fear. Not until you start.

    If you want to find your passion and build a business around it, your next step is simple: move forward. If you haven’t found your passion, start following your excitement.

    If you know what you’re passionate about, find a way to blend it with your skills and market demand.

    In short, take the next step, wherever you are.

    You can live a life on your own terms. But you have to be willing to              take the first step.

    You will need to create a website to earn money!

    What ever you passion you will need others to be aware of  what you have to offer or explain to them, right? A personal or business website will be your most important asset in moving forward!

    Fear about creating websites can stop all of us from moving forward, but you do not have to let it! You do not need to recreate the wheel.

                 Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

                  It Starts with a  Wealthy Affiliate Training

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    Bye the way, for those who aren’t familiar with me it’s Gloria Darni again!  

    While learning to run an online business I have realized that we all hit the same walls at one point or another! I have been learning steadily for over 10 years and feel that I learn something new everyday!

    My excitement for working online has lead me down many different roads, some bumpier than others. All of these experiences lead me to Wealthy Affiliate, where I know live my passion while I learn and then earn! For my examination of Wealthy Affiliate, here is my review for you get the information you need!

    For more information about creating a Free website with step by step instructions, please follow this link  4 STEPS TO CREATING AN ONLINE BUSINESS!

    Please let me know your thoughts or leave any questions you might have below in our comments box, I really look forward to hearing from you!
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      2 thoughts on “Need to Find Your Business or Personal Passion? (Build an business online)”

      1. This was an area that took me some time to really figure out unfortunately. I have so many interests and it led me to spreading myself too thin and also led to a lot of procrastination not honing in on one thing smh. Luckily I’m not too old and its hit me what is truly important to me which is health and fitness just like you stated in your article hehe. I’m also into photography go figure! But that’s a secondary interest. Without babbling, I liked this article because its the same kind of advice I’m going to be passing on to people who are struggling in life working jobs that aren’t bringing them joy. Figure out what’s important to you, and dive in learning everything you can about the subject and passing on what you learn.
        Great piece, thanks 🙂 Best of Luck to you

        1. StarLight and So Bright,

          Never look back! Some never find their way, and you did!

          Passion is a belief in our selves!

          These are not just words we read, it is a true belief that we Have something others Want!

          I know you do, and so do I,

          Successful people, together, building, learning and growing,

          Gloria Darni

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