Want To Know More About Amazon Daily Giveaways For Marketing?

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    Hosting an Amazon Giveaway

    Are you racking your brain for ways to drive traffic to your website? Have you ever considered hosting an Amazon Giveaway!

    In 2015 Amazon jumped on the sweepstakes bandwagon with their Amazon Giveaways program. While most sweepstakes involve some work, such as rules to be created, forms to create, prizes to ship and it applicable tax issues to be processed…URGGGGGHHHhhhhh..


    The good news is that Amazon handles almost all of that for you with the Amazon Giveaway program.

    So now everyone from social media gurus, artists, charities, bloggers and much more are finding this marketing tool so appealing.

    So if you own your own business or brand marketer, there are some things you should consider. I will get that information to you later on in the blog.

    So, for now, let’s take a look at how it works…

    If you already have a Professional selling account, just head over to Seller Central and click Set Up A Giveaway for a product on your page.

    Not a seller?

    You can still set Up A Giveaway on the product page of the item you want to giveaway.

    a)  Just enter your details, like duration, numbers of prizes to be awarded then click Next.

    b)  Take a quick preview of your giveaway and  Proceed To Checkout.

    c)  Choose your payment method and hit Continue.

    d)  And now, just Place Your Order.  

    You will receive a confirmation E-mail when your giveaway is successfully set up. Head over to your Giveaway page to get status updates!

     When you choose a physical item you must pay the entire purchase in advance, but the taxes and shipping will be estimated until the prize is shipped to the winner. 


    • Set up is a Breeze
      Most of the work, such as entry setup, basic rule requirements, winner notification, prize fulfillment and tax reporting can be left up to Amazon.
    • Entering is very easy
      Simply log in and click two times to find and you find out if you’re an instant winner.
    • Millions of prizes 
      Prizes are only limited by your imagination! Beauty, electronics, books, clothes, home appliances and much more, no matter what your interests are Amazon usually has what you need.
    • Build your Social Media following
      Finally, social media is your best asset when it comes to cross-promoting any type of giveaways. For example, the use of  Facebook  & Twitter to promote your Amazon Giveaway campaigns.


    • Official Rules
    • Amazon handles some of the set up of the official sweepstake rules, each sweepstake should be researched for applicable rules. Be aware you will need to write official rules for your own website also!
    • Who entered your sweepstake?
      For me, not knowing who entered makes this sweepstake a real negative, they simply do not tell you. Yes, you’ll find out who won and may get a rise in your Social Media followers, but that’s about it. In any kind of marketing, we all need to gather information from entrants (email, website and more details), but with Amazon Giveaway this is not an option currently. Things have been changing rapidly on this program.
    • Not all Items found on Amazon can be prizes                                                                  Millions of products, yes but not all can be sweepstake prizes, not even your own products if they are not sold on Amazon. No gift cards for your own merchandise to your site or store. Luxury items and anything over $5000.

     Want To Participate In A Giveaway?

    Anyone that is 18 years of age, with an Amazon.com, and must be a legal resident of the United States or D.C. with a valid shipping address. Beware Rhode Island residents you are excluded from prizes of $500.00 in value!  Giveaway Official Rules.

    a)  Click on the item page that you would like to enter.

    b)  Just follow the instruction for the giveaway entry.

    c)  View the results of the giveaway you entered.  Some prizes are immediate, while others have an end date if you win follow the instructions and claim your prize!

    So How You Know You Have Won?

    As I mentioned above, there are two ways you could win either an instant win or a random drawing.

    For the instant win, a box will appear and you must tap the jumping box and when it opens, you find out what you have won.

    For the Random drawing giveaway, you are required to enter for a chance to win and you will be notified when the time period ends. Entry periods can run from 1 to 30 days.

    Once you are notified that you are a winner, you confirm an eligible shipping location, and you may have to provide tax identity information, at the indicated time to claim your prize.



    In conclusion:

    If you are looking for a sweepstake with additional savings or to win a prize, this is a great promotional site for that.

    As for all of us marketers out there, I do have a real problem with not receiving the entries information. The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch and teaches us to grow our contact through emails and much more. Isn’t that why we all use sweepstakes as a marketing tool? There are still the benefits of growing your social media accounts without using automation(not a fan of automatic accounts). Obtaining followers that will later read other content that you write on your website is invaluable. We all know it takes time and money to grow social media accounts with people who have an interest in your brand, so set a sweepstake product that will be compensatory to the value of the sweepstake cost.

     Click here for more information on the Wealthy Affiliate training!

    Let me know if you have tried Amazon or any other sweepstake company, we would love to know how it went!

                           Just leave a comment below!


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      12 thoughts on “Want To Know More About Amazon Daily Giveaways For Marketing?”

      1. Good article. You have sparked my interest enough to go to Amazon and read more about this. I am a little shy signing up with this type of promotional, but maybe it is worth a try.

        I am trying to find more ways to grow my social media following, so when I read good reviews such as this it helps me when looking at the options that could be out there.

        thanks for the article.

        1. Hi, Don

          Really glad it was helpful to you, I know we can always use another way to grow Social Media Accounts!

          I think as long as the price of the giveaway itself it not to expensive, it would be a great way to grow accounts.
          I will be updating this blog after running a couple of sweepstakes through my new website, all my data from my last site(which I closed) was lost.

          Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog,


      2. Well that would have been a nice opportunity to attract traffic, but, not being resident in the US, that’s a non starter. It irks me a bit how Amazon lets its size and market dominance go to its head.

        Some other company needs to level the field, by copying the good sides of A., whilst avoiding its power show

        1. Cheers, Goran

          I am with you on Amazon is a bit a bully! They use our marketing efforts and money for their own gain!

          All of us are at different places in our growth, expenditures, and income. I need to others help others grow in any way we can and give back the good karma that was given to me. I am interested in Giveaways or Sweepstakes, which is how I landed on Amazon.

          Good to hear from you,


      3. I want to focus on one social media since handling two social media accounts can take a lot of time.
        My following number of my Facebook and Twitter is almost same. So which one should I focus more?

        1. Furkan,

          Social Media imply’s you are comfortable and engaging with your online friends and business acquaints.

          Where do you feel the most comfortable?

          Or get the best response?

          I keep Facebook for my personal use if that helps. I have over 80,000 and climbing every day on Twitter with real Twitter followers. NO Automation for me!

          Feeling like yourself while you speak, is where and what you want, be yourself, engage!

          Like engagement of any kind means a lifetime commitment to those who choose to follow you!

          They want to hear what you and I say!

          There are many other Social Media Platforms, so please do not limit yourself!

          Let’s Get excited,


      4. Hi Gloria, I’m new to this so I’m glad I’ve come across your page. Whilst I can’t access Amazon, I’m sure there are others that provide this service so I might do a bit more research. For some reason, Amazon won’t deal with Australia. Shame really, but hey one day they might catch up.
        I agree with your concerns about not seeing who has registered, that seems like a flawed system to me.

        1. Welcome, Melissa

          I am hearing the difficulties from all over the world..about Amazon.

          I have not achieved much success with Amazon.

          This is a blog, to help us all do and achieve more.

          I am hopeful about teaching us all about Sweepstakes and their marketing value!

          Have you had any success with these types of campaigns?


        1. Thanks, Jennifer

          I am glad that you felt the content was based on a valid topic with relevant information.

          I value your opinion greatly, thank for taking the time to comment.

          Have a great week ahead,


      5. Good directing from one of the glittering promotion to real and solid online money making platform. For sure stuff like sweepstake, there is no to less chance, rate of return is high for offering company rather than audience.
        And for sure, wealthy affiliate is strong and effective online platform to educate and get successful in online business.

        1. Great to hear from you, Ganesh

          The Wealthy Affiliate program is the best thing I ever did for my online businesses. The learning platform itself has shone me things it would have taken me years to learn, now I am transforming them into a slick well-working business plan and I just keep learning every day!

          I am always interested in trying new methods to increase traffic and add followers for my sites. Sweepstakes seemed like a great next step.

          I hope you got some useful information from the blog,

          Best wishes for your online success!


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